Posted by: gavinstokes | June 24, 2011

Free Online Storage

Very quick post about on-line storage. If you havent put your toe in the water on this topic here’s some suggestions. Basically online storage is somewhere you can store your files for easy access on any computer. With some clients they install a folder on your machine which becomes the one stop place to drop files you wish to share.

With others such as Sugarsync you decide which folder you want to be able access from other machines. All offers give you web interface as well as a locally installed client, the client being the preferred tool for myself.

Not only can you access from other desktops and laptops but you can also install a free app on your smartphone which will allow access to your files on the move, might sound like overkill, but try it and I guarantee you’ll use it at some stage.

So the top three  for me would be

  1. The most professional would have to be Sugarsync 
  2. In joint second place would have to be dropbox and zumodrive both pretty much do the same thing.

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