Posted by: gavinstokes | June 23, 2011

They’re giving it away

So, back to the green grocer analogy  in the previous post.  If you want to build a following it helps if you can give something away, all well and good for a green grocer you might say but how do I do that in a digital world, well its the same thing.

Take up and coming Irish band “The Gorgeous Colours”. When trying to get their latest album released they offered fans the opportunity to obtain early release versions of their album by providing funding to have it produced. This is a model which is used on many startup venture capital sites such as kickstarter. Not only does this help you source funding but it also helps you build your fan base.

Lady Gaga did something similar recently by using Facebooks Farmville to reach existing fans and new fans by setting up her own online farm and gave fans the chance to listen to new Lady Gaga songs before the launch of the album. The fact that this was the only place to get these songs generated huge media interest.

Groupon coupons do something similar they provide companies with already established user base which can be targeted with special offers. Although if you don’t already have your social media platform up and running you will miss out on user feedback and support.

Again its obvious stuff, what your doing here is rewarding people for being subscribed fans and at the same time generating word of mouth in your product/service/art you don’t have to shoot the legs out from under yourself  just offer a small reward. I think some people get a little overwhelmed by tech involved. But if my greengrocer has been doing it for 40 years there’s no reason you can’t.

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