Posted by: gavinstokes | June 16, 2011

Social Marketing is it really all that new.

I think there there may be a lot of small business owners out there that are looking at social media and all the guru tips and tricks and thinking to themselves “What exactly is new here”. A lot of small local business have been implementing and practicing some of the basic core values of social media long before even the Commodore 64 (for those of you under 30 its one of the first personal PCs) came on the market. Take for example the following guru tips

  1. Use what you have, use your packaging, branding, store front, stationery..etc.
  2. Word of mouth, build word of mouth, how do consumers view your product/s, influence customer opinion
  3. Share and share a like, it’s all about creating something people can spread and share.

Sound like great and obvious quick points for building your social media fan base and platform, right? Well it’s not wrong but you could apply the very same points to my local Greengrocer.

 Better picture pending

  1. They use what they have in the way of their fresh produce its always on display, and the fresh fish on Friday looks great, they stock the front of the shop and use their flatbed delivery truck to increase display space to the front of the road
  2. Word of mouth, this family have it in spades they know how to talk to customers, a customer is not just a sale to them its someone they share a joke with, have a bit of natter with about the kids, discuss politics and a bit of gossip
  3. Share and share a like, again my local Greengrocer has this down to an art, it comes as naturally as breathing to him. He gives you a little extra here and there, throws in the few bruised peppers for free with the one you bought, gives away or sells for next to nothing stock which he cant hold due to it needing to be fresh. In this day and age people cant help but share their experience with others.
Basically what I’m saying is, its not about the technology. Technology is a tool, an enabler if you haven’t got the quality building material to start with and don’t understand the basics, technology can do nothing for you. Forget the Scoial medai guru talk to your local family run Greengrocer.Google maps link. 

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