Posted by: gavinstokes | June 8, 2011

Facebook Facial Recognition

Facebook is turning facial recognition for tagging on by default. Not sure about you but personally I wouldn’t be to happy about this. Do we really need something like this and what are the future implications of this combined with Facebook’s approach to user privacy.

Facebook is fast becoming the default space for people to represent themselves online (even if everyone looks the same) and at the same time it seems to play fast and lose with users privacy, usually dealing with complaints by adopting a take it or leave it attitude. In a recent interview about privacy on Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, the young CEO of Facebook  was quoted as saying…

“one of the good things about the Internet is you can just kind of build something, and people will choose to use it or not, and that’s how we win debates.”

This is quite a blase approach to peoples concerns over the security of their personal information and how its used. Facebook is moving more and more towards the monetization of the Facebook platform, through the selling of access to its captive audience and their information.

Most people might not see this as major concern, but considering the rate that Facebook is growing (but still failing to turn a profit due to no business model) and how ingrained it is becoming as part of our day to day lives, it is worth considering where will Zuckerberg’s approach to dealing with security lead.


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