Posted by: gavinstokes | May 24, 2011

WordPress takes a brave step

WordPress has taken a brave step with its newest upgrade, it will not support old browsers such as IE 6 and is phasing out support for IE7, Worpress will also require that you are running the most up-to-date versions of PHP and MySQL.

Some web users and possibly developers (few and far between) will bemoan this and claim they arent supporting all users, its unfair. No they arent, and its about time companies developing for the web started to press this long standing issue of developing applications for legacy software.  Developing for legacy software holds the growth of the web back and forces half arsed hacks to support software which at times is 10 years old and is free to upgrade.

Another company which has taken a step in this direction is Microsoft. Its coming release of Windows 8 will also come in Windows 8 ARM which will not support legacy hardware or software.

Personally I feel the phasing out of legacy software and hardware is a positive step, sure its going to be bumpy at times, but in the long run it allows the world of information technology progress and get a little bit closer to those tele-porters they kept promising me in my childhood.

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