Posted by: gavinstokes | May 6, 2011

Build your coffee online

I’m all for co-creation I think it has some really good points. People can provide input into products and processes that can affect their lives on a daily basis. Where I think its going wrong is how companies are using it for the most inane things like I mean really? its a cup of coffee, all I want to do is buy it and drink it (not Starbucks, its coffee for people who think they like coffee), I don’t want to get involved in the making of it, that’s what Im paying the retailer for, that’s why I have consumer choice if I don’t like I’ll go somewhere else.

This kind of think is a distraction from living. And anyone who clams that this is what they want, it gives them more choice, is living a vacuous life that needs filling with more than a double skimmed latte.

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