Posted by: gavinstokes | March 15, 2011

Class Notes

Community Management

Community Management the lady Gaga way.

Associate with people that share your goal

Put yourself out there, get an entourage

Been seen, go to conferences, do webinars, interact with fans

Make your super fans stars

Hang out online its your party(forum). Provide knowledge

The 4 steps to an online community

Social influence getting past page rank
Social Computing Strategist
Community Manager, external voice of the community, they are the advocate of the user base. This info feeds back into the enterprise.

Whats does the Community Manager do.
Develop Social media strategy
Manage touchpoint
Monitor social Media
Establish social dashboard, way of getting info to deciosn makers
Internal Evangelism, community advocate

Making a community
Spread awareness
Engage discussion
Engaging participation, create active participants

Community Messaging
Identify audience
Identify tools –  where is audience, what platform?
How can people experience your message
The difference between message and experience, users must be activley engage feel they can change things.

Video: Charites and social media
People remember what they experience, this applies to communities and engaging people. You need to cultivate your message and gather people around it, technology is tool not the method do to do this.

To pull people into the experience you must be able to relate to them and them to you. You must first educate people about your cause/brand and empower them to spread the message. Its about enabling people, you become the hub.

Feed value to get value, why will people follow your soccial channel, they must be getting something not just yo getting something from them, you must nurture the realtionship you have with your users.

Community Guidelines
Be amazing, be interesting or relvant at something, you must do something worth talking about.

Be accessible, provide multiple entry points, reply and respond.

Be Authentic, be up front about you goal. Lack of transparency leads to distrust.


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