Posted by: gavinstokes | March 8, 2011

Class Notes

Open Government, government of the state should be completely transparent and open to scrutiny.  Government 2.o (oh god) engaging with the sate through social media. Sharing of information will allow citizens make better use of the information. Im not sure I buy all this, in theory its positive in reality its political parties jumping on a band wagon and trying to provide the public with change without really having to spend much money or do the job they paid to manage and run the state.

Governments have started to put a lot of data on line over the last 5-10 years (US, UK, Canada in the US allows people to create visual representations of datasets.

Video: David Eaves, Open Government

Government 2.o (Oh God), new generations want a different form of government through the use of a more connected, open, engaged government. Shared data through crowd sourced data sets which are already open, these are then used to produced useful free services, its great idea but he seems to have a problem coming up with examples besides his own.

Finally got around to changing government internally, the use of wiki’s is a good idea but again it still comes back to mindsets, making government more open has really nothing to with tech it comes back to current processes and established cultures, before you wave a magic high tech wand you need to address these issues.

So does being more engaged with government mean your privacy is under threat. In 2002 52% of Americans where willing to sacrifice privacy if it aided in apprehending criminals. Would the numbers be so high today considering the explosion of social media.

The cost to governments to implement open government is huge, take the e-voting fiasco in Ireland. There are also problems with sectors of society who will not have the finances to enable themselves with access.

Video: Tim O’Reilly on Government as a Platform

A move away from the vending machine government, Taxes in Services out, shake machine when products get stuck. Should governemnt think more like a platform and design programs that are enablers, this is what is doing. allows the market place to leverage government data.

O’Reilly sites all the great generous and open events over time, such founding the US, The road network of the states, the Marshall plan…etc. These where all hard things with huge benefit. The difference between these and moving government forward is there where huge stakes people had a lot to lose and gain, that’s not the case with reforming government, a lot of people couldnt care less there happy to wallow and not have to suffer for great deeds…I guess that’s what happens when you kill of natural selection.

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