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Class notes

Video: Lawerence Lessig, Re-examining the remix

First of  using Democrats Vs Republicans for as model for this is a bad idea it confuses the issue.

The remixed videos scream to  me “we are devoid of ideas”. These people are not making or creating anything new. I don’t see it as an authentic social moment, its contrived, it probably took a very long time to “copy” exactly. I agree with what Julian says about what level of control we place on art or commercial products. It may that Lessig places to much creative weight and responsibility on this remix and has taken it out of context.

The Disney example is a good example of what would happen if the likes of cinderella or any of the brothers grim work had unlimited copyright.

With the Star Wars share cropper I do agree tha Lucas owning the rights of the remix is slightly unfair a the same time he his creating a platform to remix a labour of love which he has put years of work into.

With youtube level of

Open Innovation

The idea that not all smart people you need are inside the company and most exist outside the company.

Ideas and innovation exsists outside the firm. As well brining these in comapniens sepnd massive amounts

Case Study: Xerox PARC

Sell products at low price and make the money on after sales and consumables.

Xerox had the smart people working for them, came up with , laser printing, Ethernet, WYSISYG, Solid State LAsers, GUI Interfaces, DRM etc.

A lot IP which they licensed out to other companies, Apple.

PARC are now separate company which focus on R&D only. They then find people who can make use of it.

Boeing did something similar with the 787 , the innovation was done before working out where the market was.

Types of Innovators

Explorers; Discovery research function. Xerox

Merchants; Innovate into a very specific area to make a profit in that area. Qualcomm

Architects; Creates places for other to come together. Boeing, Nokia

Missionaries; Create and advance technologies that serve a cause.

Open innovation is about selling and buying IP, companies should ally with universities and innovation intermediaries.

Ideas should seamlessly flow in and out of the company.

Innovation Brokers
Provide a market place for selling innovation as a service.

VIDEO: Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from

Is an Idea network such as a connections of neurons in your brain. How does this work in the real world. Infant mortality rates in the developing world is very high but incubators are very expensive and there is no infrastructure to maintain them in developing countries
So the answer to this problem came from car parts, something which is everywhere in developing countries.

Innovation usually arises in collaborative environments, a Dunbar study shows that break through ideas came at the weekly meetings, not in the lab or the personal space.
important ideas have long incubation periods, take Darwin claims it was a Eureka moment, but if you look at his notebooks the full theory was there for months.

How do you cerate an environment in work that allows this to happen, it also needs a certain level of connecting ideas


Pirates of Silicon Valley

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