Posted by: gavinstokes | January 25, 2011

Class Notes

Computation through behaviour of groups.

Collaborative filtering emerging from new social structure. This can feed back into enterprises.

Social Media or Social Computing. Is social media a subset of social computing or something else entirely. One could say social media is not passive, it allows feedback.

The web is becoming a global computational platform…..mmmmmmh, not sure about that… what exactly does it mean.

Content is no longer king, content is always king, without rich, informative, useful, easy to access content you have inane disorganised drivel.

Kids today are hugely different, we are going true unprecedented change….nah, every generation thinks this about the time they live in. Stone age to Iron age, agrarian society to industrial society…etc, etc.

Kids online Vs Kids watching TV, are they having the wiring in their Brain dramatically changed compared to the baby boomer generation. Children are an authority on the digital revoulotion….ah come on, they’re an authority on their own small social place, they don’t understand the bigger context. Just because one kid is hired to teach  internet to adults does not mean that thats the best path to take.

Work should be fun, tell that to the sanitation technician. Work isn’t about fun not everyone can have a job where you enjoy going to work ( I’m Lucky  I do), if everyone had the right to a fun job nobody would clean up the shit.

Old and new internet, they’re the same thing its a progression, they didn’t suddenly branch of, go separate directions and go to war.

Naked companies, companies in the future will have to have integrity due to the pervasiveness of social media, again I dont see this companies manage their image they let the public see what they want them see, take Coca Cola, Nike, Gap……..

Intelligence community sharing data, don’t think they sure as hell weren’t happy with wikileaks.

Global ecosystems, companies are NOT ecosystems.

Boeing Peer production…didnt it fail.

People use too much social media at work time. Is this a motivation, reward problem or a social media problem… a mix of both I think, this comes back  to not everyone having “fun” jobs.

Peers, Transparency, Share intellect.


  1. This was a very straight reflection on Don Tapscott 🙂

    I like that Mr. Tapscott is very optimistic about digital age and the American teenagers. I would like to be too, but when I see the news, I see that not everyone lives in America on the same street as a gold-miner billionaire!

    All I want to say is that I would be a bit cautious about where this world is going. How many people lives on less than a dollar a day? Can they join Mr. Tapscott’s Net Generation?

    In some countries, the same young people as Mr. Tapscott’s kids have houses made from mud and have no electricity… He kind of seems to be mired in his own beautiful fancy world sitting with his wife in the latest BMW model made by Magna.

    • It was written as we watched it so a bit random, Im guessing you would have to understand his view point in more detail, but going by the video I’d be inclined to agree with you and me.

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